12 June 2004 - Saturday - Day 3

            Today we fished on the sister lake, North Trout lake.  There is a short portage between the lakes, so we had a guy boat us to the portage.  The bugs (small flies of some sort) are pretty abusive here, so the portage was not pleasant.  It was only about a half-mile walk, maybe even less.  Once we got to the lake, there were boats waiting for us.  We put in the water, and our boat started up right away.  The entry point is right next to the mouth of a river and one of the guides, Russ, had told us there were sucker minnows in the stream, and there were big Northern Pikes feeding on them at the mouth of the stream.  So we cast our lines into the mouth of the river, and sure enough, we caught Northerns.  Kathy got the first fish again.  Then we realized we were missing our life preservers, so we fished and waited for Russ to come.  About a half-hour later, Russ came with the people he was guiding and he gave us our life preservers.

            After that, we had a dry spell for about three hours where we barely caught any fish. We wandered all over the lake looking for fish, but finding none.  Clint told us the best bait to use was a Shad Rap, which is a type of Rapala. We tried that plus many other baits, all to no avail.

            It began to drizzle on and off, but not heavy rain.  Eventually, the skies started to clear a little bit and the sun came out and the fish began biting.  I caught about eight lake trout and Kathy caught a few.



She was a little bit jealous because the fish were biting on my lure, even though we were trolling the same speed, using the same lure (a white-headed Mister Twister with a black tail) and in the same boat.  Eventually the skies clouded over again and it started raining heavily, so we boated back to the landing where Russ was waiting to pick us up.  All in all, a fun day.

            The food has been fantastic.  The first night we had steak for dinner.  Yesterday, we ate some wonderfully tasty ribs.  The secret, they said, was boiling the ribs in beef broth for two hours to get them juicy (with some seasoning), then grilling them to add a little flavor.  They also had a fantastic way to cook potatoes, which was basically to fry them on the stove in lemon juice with lots of oregano.  Tonight we had meatloaf for dinner, and it was delicious.  I think they added a packet or two of French Onion Soup power mix, plus lots of dried onions to the ground beef.  Breakfasts have been very good too, with lots of bacon and eggs.

            Tomorrow, we’ve paid to have a guide take us to Favourable Lake.  We didn’t want to spend the one hundred dollars, but we did in the end for several reasons.  First, Favourable is a huge lake.  They say that if you stretched out the lake, it would be twenty miles long and very easy to get lost, even with a map.  They also say it has big rocks, and the waves can be quite treacherous, so now you know why we decided to have a guide.