14 June 2004 - Monday - Day 5

††††††††††† Today we fished Favorable Lake again, this time on our own (without a guide).

††††††††††† As before, we were pulled through the beautiful woods



by ATVs, which pulled the boats and the people.



††††††††††† Then the ATVs just backed the boats down into the water



And we were off to gorgeous Favourable lake.



I was concerned about the weather and the rough waves and getting lost, but everything was fine.After raining hard all night long, the weather did a complete turnaround.It was calm, sunny and warm.I would guess around 22 C (72 F).We easily navigated through the lake to Walleye Point.We threw our lines in the water, and I started catching fish like crazy.Shortly after we arrived, I caught four walleye in four minutes!



We had our lunch caught within minutes of being out. Kathy didnít catch any up to that point, so we were laughing.She did, however, start catching small Northerns. She caught so many, in fact, that I started calling her ďKathy: Pike Slayer.ĒThe fishing was pretty good all day, but it took a long time before she caught a walleye.At one point, she caught a second fish before I had a chance to deal with her first fish!


††††††††††† At one point, I managed to snag a walleye through the back somehow.Iím sure this was painful for the poor creature.



††††††††††† We had a nice little shore lunch (alone) and it was simply wonderful.



††††††††††† We didnít see much wildlife other than fish (and bugs) but we did see an animal that was either a beaver or perhaps a muskrat.



††††††††††† When we got back to the lodge, we ate dinner (pork chops) and I took some pictures of the place, and a group photo.



Everyone at the lodge is very nice and helpful, always willing to lend a hand.