2004 June 16 - Wednesday - Day 8

††††††††††† We fished Favourable again.It was very slow in the morning, and picked up a little bit in the afternoon.The weather was absolutely beautiful: sunny and warm.It started out cold and windy, but by afternoon, it was simply beautiful.



The fishing wasnít as good as we had hoped, but we still caught fish.Kathy caught a tiny walleye that was actually smaller than some of the lures we had!



††††††††††† We kept trying for those trophy Northerns, but all we got was smaller ones.Kathy said that fishing for Northerns was boring because nothing ever happens.She would much rather catch walleye, which are easy to catch and better to eat, or lake trout which give you a very good fight.

††††††††††† At one shore, we spotted a Bald Eagle and watched it for a long time.



††††††††††† Since the guys from Iowa were late yesterday, we decided to keep fishing at Walleye Point for a few extra minutes, but we didnít catch anything.We headed to the exit point, and the Iowa guys still were not there.They ended up being forty-five minutes late.They said they got lost and apologized.The odd thing was, they had fished on Favourable Lake before, and we were newbies and didnít get lost.

††††††††††† While we were waiting for them to return, Kathy and I took some photos.



Dusty said he found a garter snake.I went back and found the snake.It was obviously trying to hide from me, but it surprisingly didnít act hostile.I picked it up gently and brought it back to Kathy and Dusty.Kathy held it for a while, then I put it back where I found it.A few minutes later, Dusty found another garter snake, but we didnít play with it.Instead, we talked Dusty into taking our picture.



††††††††††† Pretty soon, the Iowa guys came back and we were late for dinner.