2004 June 18 Friday - Day 10

††††††††††† Today, the weather was very cloudy and overcast, and that prevented the planes from taking off.



We were scheduled to fly back to Red Lake Ontario, but the weather prevented the plane from reaching us for several hours.Until then, we just killed the time, taking pictures of various things around the camp.



I found another garter snake.



Finally, the weather cleared a little and they started letting planes take off again.



††††††††††† On the plane ride (both directions), the scenery was beautiful.



As we got closer to Red Lake, the clouds thickened and we had to fly through a thunderstorm.In a 3-seat plane, thatís not a lot of fun, at least for me!

Because of our late departure, we didnít get back to Red Lake until 17:00.

††††††††††† We were planning on driving to our cabin today, but that is at least an eight-hour drive, and because of our late start, we decided to spend the night in Vermillion Bay.We will drive the rest of the way tomorrow.