Using Desire to Achieve Out of Body Experiences

What is love? I asked my inner voice.

What is not love? -Inner Voice

Affirmations are powerful messages to your subconscious. Your subconscious is powerful and can take you out of your body on a moment's notice, but you should be careful with the message you're sending, because your subconscious usually takes things literally.

Affirmations like "I want to have an OBE" should be avoided because they might lead you into a state of perpetually wanting instead of achieving OBEs. On the other hand, affirmations like "I can leave my body easily" might be effective, if you can talk your subconscious into believing it. Out-of-body traveling (the action) and having the ability to leave your body (the attribute) are two different things. Your subconscious is just as likely to grant you the ability without ever exercising it.

Affirmations are like adjectives and nouns, describing you and your intended attributes, but I've found that your subconscious thinks in terms of images, goals, and desires more than words. Desires, like affirmations, are messages to your subconscious, but they are like verbs in that they call out for action. They set your subconscious in motion, and your subconscious usually tries to fulfill your desires. Rather than doing OBE affirmations stating your desires, it may be much more effective to just meditate, focusing on your desire to have OBEs. Visualize yourself leaving the body, then think to yourself, "Yes, that's exactly what I want to happen." Your subconscious will pick up on the desire and try to fulfill it.

I recommend you use the desire meditation as a stand-alone exercise, and also as part of your favorite OBE induction technique. Here's how it fits into my OBE technique: