Wednesday August 25, 2010 – Day 7

Today we spent the whole day at Lily Dale.

At 10:30a.m. We went to a small chapel called the Healing Temple, for a healing service. It was really a wonderful experience. Most of the people in the pews got up and received healings from a team of healers who stood at the back of the chapel. They were all dressed in white and looked very serious. They took their jobs seriously. A feeling of peace and healing pervaded the temple and it was very special.

We went to the Lily Dale museum and history center where we saw a large collection of interesting props and photos from the history of Spiritualism. There were trumpets used in seances, slates used for slate messages and paintings supposedly brought into existence through mediumship: two mediums held the corners of a blank canvas while the paintings appeared by supposedly psychic means. There was also a lot of photos of the old mediums throughout the history of Lily Dale.

At 2:00p.m. We both had a psychic readings with a medium named George Kincaid. We was an old gentleman with a somewhat thick Southern accent. I need to transcribe the meeting, but all in all I felt like it was pretty inaccurate. But I think I'm a pretty hard person to read in general. Kathy said the same thing.

At 4:00 we went to the message service at the Forest Temple. I was picked out for a special message from a visiting medium, but again, it seemed 100% wrong. Completely off base.

After the service, we ate a rushed dinner and drove to a class with medium Greg Kehn. The class was held at the “Fellowships of the Spirit” Lakeside Learning Center. It was a “Spiritual Development Circle.” This was an excellent class and I highly recommend it.

Basically, everyone sat in a circle. There were approximately twenty of us, from all body types and all walks of life.

Greg instructed us to look at everyone in the circle individually, twice, and if a person stuck out in your mind, you are meant to give a message to that person, from Spirit. Kathy remained quiet throughout the class and did not try to give anyone any messages. Later, she said she's not very intuitive and only drew a blank.

There were some uncomfortable silences, but immediately Greg would step in and, being a medium, gave messages to various people in the circle. He was dead on. As far as I could tell, every message he delivered was 100 percent accurate. He even identified several physical problems people in the circle were having.

I was probably the second most vocal person in the circle. When I scanned the people in the circle, I was immediately drawn to a black woman, one of three black people in the circle. As I looked at her, images flooded my mind, and I told her what I saw. I saw her sitting at a tall writing desk, writing some letters. I told her there was a long-distance connection, almost a business connection. I told her there were three or four people on the other end. She said I was dead on accurate. Three days ago, she had been at her tall writing desk, and wrote a letter to someone. She said she was starting to be concerned that she hadn't received a reply. I told her to write again, and write to the other people I saw. She said she understood exactly what I meant, and what she needed to do, and she thanked me profusely.

I was also drawn to a beautiful young woman, and delivered a message to her as well. I told her I saw her doing some kind of work with instruments, which I interpreted as relating to making videos, and I told her to do it her way. I told her she would get lots of suggestions and interference from people who thought it should be done a different way, but she should stick to her guns, follow her intuition and do it her way. She also seemed to be grateful and indicated I was pretty accurate.

A few people gave other messages, including a woman who I've seen at some of the message services, so I knew she was a medium.

One woman, a bit of a jokester, looked at Kathy and said she experienced a panic attack. It seemed as if she was identifying with Kathy's experience from this summer where we were driving through a tornado warning and Kathy was completely in a panic.

After Greg's class, we went back to Lily Dale and went on the “Spirit Walk”. I expected it to be quite different, so I was a bit disappointed. This turned out to be an after-dark tour of Lily Dale with a tour guide who gave us history and showed us points of interest. He took us to the Lily Dale museum where supposedly ghosts can occasionally be seen. He also pointed out other places where ghosts had been seen. All in all I'd say it wasn't worth the money.