Friday August 27, 2010 – Day 9

Today, after breakfast, we went back to Lily Dale. Kathy had a class called “Mind Yoga”. I opted out of the class and instead decided to catch up on my writing. I'm afraid I've been neglecting my travelogue, so now I'm playing catchup.

This afternoon, at 1:00pm, Kathy and I took a class called “Assembling Your Intuitive Team: Engaging the Geniuses Within.” The class is taught by Tara Enns. This will be an interesting class because I've pretty much finished up my fourth book which I tentatively call “The Wisdom Game” and it's all about how I developed my inner voice.

Well, the class wasn't as good as I had hoped. It was more about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) than anything intuitive, psychic or spiritual.

At night, I took a class given by medium John White. As I stood in line to buy tickets, a woman was behind me and she was distracted, turning this way and that, talking to people. At one point Kathy returned from somewhere and stood behind the woman. She abruptly looked at me and said, “How did you get in front of me?” Then she turned and saw Kathy, surprised. Then she turned back and looked at me, then Kathy again, then laughed and said, “Oh! There are two of you! I can sense people's energy. Your energy is so nearly identical I thought you were the same person! You must be together, right?”

John White said all the right things, and I only disagreed about a few things he said. It was a strange mixture of pure unadulterated hypnosis, strange quotes from many sources: everything from the Beatles to the Bible to the Buddha.

The plan is to get up very early, breakfast at 7:00 and hit the road back for Minnesota.