Out of Body Experiences

How to have them and what to expect

By Robert Peterson

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Copyright 1997 (C) by Robert S. Peterson

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work or portions thereof in any form whatsoever without permission in writing from the publisher, except for brief passages in connection with a review.

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Keywords: OBE, OOBE, Astral Projection


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Foreword by Charles Tart (only available in the printed edition)
Introduction (only available in the online edition)

Part 1 - From Skeptic to Believer

  1. Background
  2. My Childhood
  3. First Contact
  4. Beliefs Blown to Bits
  5. Pokes and Prods
  6. My First Out-of-Body Experience
  7. The Party
  8. Overcoming Fear
  9. Scared to Death
  10. The Small Still Voice Within
  11. The Clairvoyant
  12. Flight School
  13. "Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed"
  14. A Helping Hand
  15. What Astral Programmers do in their Sleep
  16. To Believe

    Part 2 - What the Books Didn't Tell Me

  17. What the Books Didn't Tell Me
  18. Fight for Sight
  19. The Mind During OBEs
  20. The Fantasy Trap
  21. People and Animals
  22. Out-of-Body Reality
  23. Environmental Factors
  24. How to Have an OBE
  25. Psychic Experiences
  26. Questions and Answers
  27. The Final Frontier!

The End

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