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Last updated: 1 August 2019

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Published in 1997 by Hampton Roads Publishing. Available in book stores since 1997. Online for free since 1995

Published in 2001 by Hampton Roads Publishing. Many chapters available online. Hard to find.

Published October 2011. Available on

Published April 2012. Available on

Published July 31 2019. Available on

Travelogues / Photo Journals

Lily Dale New York, Niagara Falls 2010

Italy 2013

Africa 2017

Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia 2009

Chile/Argentina/Brazil 2008

Ecuador/Galapagos 2007

Ireland 2006

India 2005

Canada 2004

Turkey 2003

Africa 2002

Peru 2001

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An argument I had a while ago

Sleep Paralysis

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Astral Projection:

The Ultimate Spiritual Tool

Masters vs. Salesmen

How to tell the difference

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